30 September 2011
School Visit by Mr Wu Kee-huen, Kenneth, TWGHs Education Services Secretary

It is our great pleasure today to have our Education Services Secretary, Mr Wu Kee-huen, Kenneth, visiting our school. To have a more thorough understanding of TW education services it provides, Mr Wu spent a half-day at our school and there was heart-to-heart meeting and sharing with our teachers and students.

In the meeting with our teachers, Mr Wu shared with us TW education policy and the expectations on TW education services for students' whole-person development. Our teachers enjoyed the sharing which covered the teaching and working environment at the 21st Century schools, staff performance and management as well as the collective effort made by the school to raise the standard of student at the time of a drastic drop of student population. The recognition and encouragement as expressed by the ESS has given our teachers the support as well as reinforcement that is most needed at the time of great changes and challenges.

Then student leaders representing all the major school departments chatted with Mr Wu on their school life at S. C. Gaw. Even though the meeting was a brief one, our senior form students could still describe their feeling about studying at S. C. Gaw and their appreciation to the significant development of the school in these days.

To get to know more about new students, Mr Wu met a class of our S.1 students as well. Students were impressed by the vibrant school life and the spacious campus as well as good facilities and a wide range of extra-curricular activities. They are delighted to be S. C. Gawers and here is a place that brings them a feel of 'being at Home'.

From the sharing of our teachers and students, the visit of Mr Wu means a lot to our school. Our school community really treasures this as an oportunity for our sustainable development. We see the support and concern of TWGHs to the school and the deeply-felt view on the education it delivers. Knowing 'How Good S. C. Gaw is at present', the school will go further in cherishing the school mission and achieving the school goals. A consensus on our way forward has been arrived at in our De-briefing Session held after the visit --- S C Gaw is endeavouring to build a more authentic English environment and to become a truly EMI school.

With the patronage of the TWGHs, the counselling of the TW Education Services Secretary, the dedication & commitment of the teachers and the strong sense of belonging of our students as well as the unfailing support of parents, we are confident that S. C. Gaw can live up to the expectation of becoming a 21st Century Quality School----Nurturing talented young people of the new generation!